The Russian Internal Affairs Ministry has closed several carding marketplaces. They included UNICCO, Trump's Dumps, and Sky-Fraud. Additionally, they arrested six individuals associated with the in fraud Organization.

The arrests are part of an on-going Russian law enforcement clampdown on cybercrime rings. This has affected the carding scene. Several leading carding marketplaces were shuttered, including UNICCO and Lux Socks.

As a result of the recent crackdown, some users have suggested that the future of carding will shift to a Telegram platform. Others are confident that other marketplaces will fill the void.

Some users have also expressed concern that they might be targeted. The forum's moderators discourage discussion about politics. However, some users believe that these incidents are linked to earlier hacking incidents. One user advised users to take care and to take a vacation. Another suggested that the login credentials of the hacked sites would be used to target other platforms.

How to become a lawyer Some operators have created fake carding forums to mimic the features of leading carding marketplaces. This demonstrates the sophistication of the operation. These fake carding shops allow users to search for and purchase card numbers, and then transfer the funds.

As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the dark web carding ecosystem is facing several conditions conducive to card fraud. These include the economic crisis in Russia, its significant IT sector, and the sharp depreciation of the rubble.

Traditionally, Russia has been considered a safe haven for financially motivated cybercriminals. During the past year, however, the ecosystem has begun to change in unexpected directions.

This comes at a time of heightened tension between Russia and the United States. It is unclear how this will impact the cybercriminal ecosystem. But if Moscow continues to disregard international law, it will create favourable conditions for domestic growth of cybercrime.

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